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Fame Or Lame?

May 3, 2009

So you know the other day somewhere in your deep past, when you wanted to be a rockstar so badly you would’ve given anything just to meet Bono? Well guess what, I never actually got out of that phase.

treblebassheartTo my partial delight, I’ve been raised by musicians and been one of them myself since age 4, so there never really was another way for me. Not that I don’t love it, of course I do-do-dooo! But the circumstance of even a remotely artistic predisposition does present you with some rather difficult life choices. At age 15, my piano teacher tried to drill me into the Conservatory of Music, which I escaped within an inch, since I didn’t want an all-classical education. That was my first trauma.

The second happened just yesterday. My ingenious guitar teacher, whom I love for his casual coolness and relaxed approach at art, offered me second guitar in his band. OH. MY. GOD!, I was gonna get a record deal, or what. (Just joking; we are of course TRUE ARTISTS who would never compromise our integrity for anything but unsigned independence ;)). But it was at this moment that I realised I was still unconsciously waiting for something BIG to happen to me. I mean, really big. Astronomically. Like becoming Britney Spears, if I were able to scratch that little rest of my brain out and look wasted enough. I’d gladly take the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, even the rehab, for all I care. Because obviously, the dull academic excuses are all a huge mistake and I’m in fact supposed to be a hardcore almost-porn chick, getting as much as possible out of this lifetime, right? It’s just that I most likely won’t get it, and the only person happy about it will be my mother. So I’m free to go and die now, unless I somehow manage to refocus on…uhm…true values? Whatever those may be. I’ve never felt much moral obligation and refuse to be enslaved by society. I guess I’ll stick around, play a little more with my cute boygroup and watch out for Bono to cross my way. MARRY ME!! 😀

(If you’re questioning my mental health right now, that’s alright, but keep in mind that I’m actually a humanities student who’s set to become a very normal citizen. This is my OTHER life we’re talking about here, so relax, nerds.)

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