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The Twitter Pyramid

May 10, 2009

Ranting about Social Media is old news, as I understand. Also, I don’t want you to misinterpret me as an opposer to the modern world. That would be entirely ridiculous and probably much of a lost cause anyway, since Social Networks might in fact mingle amongst THE evolutionary break throughs of the 21st century, as far as we can tell. And I’ve truly come to acknowledge and appreciate the practical use of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter myself. (And yes, this is a blog, you caught me. :))

Nevertheless, I have one quick and very short diagnosis of mine to declare: Twitter is hierarchic.

It’s pretty obvious, really. Facebook and MySpace are the comparatively harmless guys: They force people to connect with each other equally, meaning you can only be friends all the same way. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. But WHY ON EARTH would Twitter allow the option to follow and be followed? Is this something like “You wanna be friends with me, but I don’t wanna be friends with you”? What?! It’s a mistery to me. But, I guess, this is where sociology kicks in: Society is varied. Some people are richer, smarter, more beautiful, more famous and simply BETTER than others. (This is not me talking, it’s sociology, remember ;)). And those select few need to demonstrate the world they’re special, because if nobody knows, who cares? It’s all about self-definition through your environment, again. Old story.

twitter.fedupSo Twitter happens to be the perfect platform for famewhoring celebrities, struggling havebeens, wannabes and other Very Important Persons to mark their relevance by gathering huge numbers of followers but not following anyone back. In addition, all pathetically normal Twitterers (Regular Joes very much like you and me) frequently seem to be desperate enough to follow strangers they apparently don’t know. This makes up the hierarchic pyramid of Twitter. It’s the followers/following ratio that matters. Keep that in mind, should you decide to go off and make a social fool of yourself. I’m still undecided whether it makes sense to me. (Oh crap, I’m already out there! Dang it.)

Quod erat demonstrandum.

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