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We Are Perpetual Beta Indefinitely

October 17, 2009

Has it occurred to you that the past present future ∞ never has been, never is and never will be, apart from logical seconds, which (by the way) don’t have a seizable existence per se, meaning (amongst other things) that time can’t be properly perceived as an absolute value (which it isn’t) by the simpleminded human race? Uh-huh, and it absolutely doesn’t matter, weird physics freaks.


But the past present future ∞ is taking on a more practically relevant dimension if not only time but also certain civilizational frames are analogically evanescent: Applied to our increasingly liberal contemporary lifestyles breaking traditional structures, our options regarding a mounting number of vital conceptual planning aspects are kept open towards decisionless infinity. And limiting that magnificent newly-stretched horizon by making binding choices is becoming less attractive. Wouldn’t you agree it sounds stupid to pass on endless potentially glorious opportunities? Duh! Say it out loud: We choose to live an everlasting draft – because we can.

The (good? bad? whatever!) thing is, drafts are not meant to be finalized. They have no set deadlines and can’t be screwed up irreparably, since they’re always justified as states of development. So you might as well lean back reassured and trust you’re gonna be fine anyway, ignoring the bells ringing what an all-embracing failure you’re likely to slide into, because – YUM! – there is this very close tremendous potential residing in the idea that you are, in fact, continuously on the edge of going places. Off to better shores soon, you’ll see…about to score big next time, baby! Paradise is out there somewhere, waiting for you – not quite tangible, but no doubt within reach, sweet reach, it must be. Now chillax, no pressure, your Green Card named eternal progress has arrived – self-explanatory, self-entitling, independent and unlimited in pursuit.

Go to hell, society! Despicable, unworthy society! Away with those degrading meritocratic expectations sucking free art and creativity’s juice out of our lives! Economic competition is a brute, low instinct – sophisticated mankind deserves to rest high above the need to prove itself. We now, quite suddenly, declare ourselves fully enlightened and, refusing to repeat the mistakes of previous spineless generations, we will not subject to any stupefying systematic standardization. How dare you to ask us to work! Seriously! We’ll just go and do our own thing (meaning of course, basically nothing): Drafts. Drafts of values, concepts, plans, and even actual achievement. A safe bet for the disoriented, disenchanted, confused, and conveniently undecided lost souls of this world. What fun!

(Another reason to keep yourself a blog, I might add: It relentlessly forces you to publish your random crappy little creations in order to save face, however imperfect you deem your current position. Isn’t that just awfully nice…thank you, WordPress. – The 140 characters on Twitter, by the way, apparently aren’t considered “serious” enough. Just so you know, losers ;).)

We are not what you think we are


We are Perpetual Beta indefinitely

So is this desirable? Or is it simply another historically consequential opposite pole in relation to which one now once again needs to define a somewhat healthier home of medium madness? Moderation would seem universally reasonable, I say. Not to sound same-old-lame-old or anything, but the chances of a pleasant stay in life have empirically shown to turn out a touch better with SOME strings attached. And not quantity, but quality strings. Like quality people, quality homes, quality jobs, quality hobbies, quality pets, yeah. (I myself don’t qualify to judge though, since I wouldn’t know. My field of expertise clearly is the *seeking-happiness-in-purity-far-far-away-from-string-networks* department. Been there, done that, indulged in it and returned less empty but still incomplete.)

Regardless – for the time being, namely this strangely novel-ish era of looseness, I’m strongly smelling a big warm neo-psychological oh-so-sociological Welcome Good-for-Nothings! coming along towards all spacy time witnesses wandering around our new age of construction-site lifestyles. You know you belong if you can’t possibly answer the “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” question without turning three shades of green inside your stomach. (It’s actually one of my favourite acting challenges: How normal can you manage to appear among your circle of loose acquaintances? God, I’m good at it – I’m absolutely BORING! Because beyond certain degrees of absurdity, people don’t get suspicious anymore. – So…would it be exceedingly bold to claim that…this must mean I am, secretly and very humbly of course, INSANELY trendy, for once in my w-w-wretched life? p.r.e.s.e.n.t.! Damn.)

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