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Book Review: The Twilight Saga

March 24, 2010


The books:

1. Twilight (2005)
2. New Moon (2006)
3. Eclipse (2007)
4. Breaking Dawn (2008)
(5. Midnight Sun, Edwards re-telling of Twilight, unpublished)

I’m a girl, and I suppose that’s why I should be somewhat biologically predisposed to like romance novels. And I’m embarrassed to say I frequently can’t resist the temptation of female emotional paradise, but only to a certain degree of naivety. Once I’ve reached a critical point of de-relativization, the little remaining sanity furiously takes over again, telling me not to dwell on silly dreams. But that doesn’t mean I can’t see through the left half of my brain how the right half is slowly floating out the window. Literally, in the case of Twatlight Twilight. So I want to make this quick and easy and not torture anyone with even more crazy blabber.

Stephenie Meyer came up with a great idea for her Twilight Saga: Vampire-human love. The sexiness of vampires is undeniable and absolutely SIZZLING! Love it. It’s just that her antiquated Mormon approach ruins the story by making it offensively sexist, abusive and misogynistic. The waste makes me wanna cry out loud in anger, disappointment and pity. Imagine how good it could’ve been! Oh. My. Vampire. Oh well, get over it.

The movies:

1. Twilight (2008)
2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)
3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)
4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2011)

The Twilight Saga is nowhere near the perfect fantasy love story it could be. In fact, its main characters’ personalities show some truly disturbing tendencies. Check it out!

  • Edward is an emotionally abusive, sexist pervert (for manipulating Bella, taking advantage of his powers and selfishly indulging in the drama. Masochistic, indeed!)
  • Jacob is an emotionally and physically abusive pedophile (for harassing and manipulating Bella but finally imprinting on Renesmee as a second choice: Sick!)
  • And Bella herself has no personality on her own, whatsoever. She’s merely a toy to the men around her, whom she of course “unconditionally and irrevocably loves” no matter what they do to her. She’s completely defined by her surroundings and has no life by herself, besides helplessly stumbling around in her somewhat sexy pathetic-ness.
    The heroine is weak, dependent, immature and can’t be taken seriously at all!
    Not exactly the ideal role model for teenage girls, don’t you think? (Borderline federal crimes for your daughters, anyone?)

The overall dialogue could be summarized like this:

Edward: “Bella, I’m dangerous but very noble and pretty. I’m fixating on you because you smell LIKE HELL!”
Bella: “Edward, I’m so lame and you’re so beautiful and you always rescue me and I love you and want you forever.”
Edward: “I love you more.”
Bella: “No, I love YOU more.” (Are we really having this conversation??)
Jacob: “I’m obsessing about Bella as well, for no reason. No wait, now I like Renesmee.”
All: “Yay!”


So basically, we’ve got some pretty ridiculous-creepy-disgusting stuff going on here. And all those twisted, unhealthy relationships are seductively presented in an intriguing triangle of sizzling supernatural romance. Hellooo? Wrong message!

Seriously, people, take a look beyond the oh-so-glorious infatuation. What are these books DOING to our only so recently acquired gender equality?!
If you wish to claim respect and build a strong female self-esteem:
Show some sophistication, please! What ever happened to Jane Austen?

Stop worshipping the Twilight Saga. It’s stupid!
(Read Harry Potter instead, if you must. ;))

Here are some more in-depth links for your education/amusement:

11 Counter Arguments That’ll Make You Burn The Books Immediately 🙂

Twilight Sucks…And Not In A Good Way

Twilight: A Follow-up, And A Promise

And why should we be so strongly opinionated about this nonsense, anyway? Well I guess firstly, because ignorance doesn’t help the world (Who cares? Yes, we do!), and secondly, because it just seems like such an enormous pity to waste an originally great material so undignifiedly. Not cool, Mrs. Meyer!

I’ve written this for my Facebook group, “THE TWILIGHT SAGA glorifies sexism and abuse.”. If you agree, please join and maybe save a few teenage girls from some great and utterly unnecessary drama! Ha, I’m such a superhuman heroine, too! 😀

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  1. June 17, 2010 5:14 pm

    i did like edward at first,because well,he reminded me of somebody i had a crush on.and well,vampires are just too sexy to resist.bella,i just hated her right from the all the books online because,coulnt bear to pay for them.wanted to know what all the fuss was about.skipped the jcob parts and yes,renesmee was creepy.pregnant thing was weird.

    tiring too enumerate whats wrong with the i wont even try.whew.i need to drink gatoraDE.i feel dehydrated by the crap i wrote.

    way too long for short,snappy,i-dont-really-care-comment.isnt it?it is.

    that jane austen line again.haha.hi angie


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