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God or No God

May 4, 2010

I’m most certainly not an atheist, since atheism sounds just the same as theism: Faith in whether or not God exists. But I think we can agree that no one actually KNOWS anything, science fails, so I guess the only safe (meaning: rational) way out of the dilemma must be, for now, agnosticism: Not knowing, and not believing.

I assume you’ve heard of the oh-so-scandalous, sort of probabilistic Atheist Bus Campaign initiated in London 2008, which then expanded worldwide – much to the annoyance of many Christian organizations, which then hit back with anti-atheist bus campaigns, saying “Jesus loves you” and so on (yeah right?!), not quite managing to recover the deeply shattered credibility. Oh look, a fight! What fun! 😀

Here’s to taking it to the next level:

Well…I say, believe what you must :).

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