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Thank you, family & friends

May 8, 2010

This year’s Easter holiday definitely will keep a special place in my memory, as it was time for me to make a truly life-altering decision. It was about liberating myself from societal expectations and doing what’s good for me, uncompromisingly. To put it short, I’m now an independent artist and refuse to pursue the promising career I had laid out for my constructed “successful” self. (Ask me for details if you’re interested :).)

The receptions were mixed; some worried, a few even disapproving, but most of them – joyful, pleasantly surprised, and relieved I finally had found my way out of the questionable spiral. Experiencing my family and friends’ unconditional support was beautiful and brought up the most revealing conversations and insights, along with people telling me things like:

I always thought you had a firm core.

Wow! Thank you for giving me such wonderful reassurance. It means the world to me to be with people who care and think alike.

Stay true. Life’s amazing. I ♥ you.

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