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Ave, Benedictus PP. XVI, morituri te salutant.

June 10, 2010

No worries, I’m not dying. I’m just leaving the Catholic Church. Wait, what?!

Don’t hate, we can discuss this like adults.

I actually discussed it with our priest, as my parents suggested. I’m agnostic (ignostic, to be precise), they’re all Catholic. Some key results from several hours of intense philosophical-theological arguing are as follows:

  • Proof of God‘s existence can’t be adduced (for now, by live human intelligence).
  • Faith can give good personal support and reassurance in life to those who allow and/or need it (whether this experience is based on psychological or transcendental circumstances, we don’t know).
  • The church’s job as a societal institution can roughly be broken down into “paid community service” and “social work”, possibly with the benefit of higher powers through God – or not, in which case we’re stuck with, uhm…crony capitalism feat. child abuse? Hear, hear!
  • The Bible really doesn’t help if you own a brain and a heart. In fact, I suspect the Bible nowadays easily would get a “pedagogically pretty damn valueless, if not damaging” rating, considering its blatant lack of some key ethical principles to begin with.
  • Dealing separately with the debatable issues of God, faith in higher powers generally, religion and church affiliation may show more clarifying awareness to the undecided.

If you feel a divine calling of going into a more detailed discussion about this subject with me, feel free to contact me. Fear not, I haven’t crossed over to the dark side…yet.

And…did I bring up the “Catholic school girl”? Nay? Awww, poor priest…I am so very deeply sorry. Errr. 😛

There’s nothing sexier than a lapsed Catholic.

Woody Allen

Looks like I won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon! Ha.

Peace out!

“America’s Joyous Future” proudly contributed by the inconceivable Greatness that would be our mighty Lord:

It’s quicker if you book the Papal blasphemer assassination committee:

Thank God, there’s always an ethically sound way to gain new followers:

Actually, that would be nice for a change:

Then again…if you insist on joining a sect religion, at least make sure you pick the right one:

Thor had a hammer, Jesus got nailed to the cross – coincidence? I think not…there’s gotta be some connection there. 😉

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