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Urban-Dictionary Yourself

June 13, 2010

Admit it, you have Googled yourself. But have you Urban-Dictionaried yourself? If not, you just lost your Web 2.0 credibility, and I officially declare you prematurely mature.

Admire my outstanding urban self here:

“Angie” (my nickname):

  • Claims to be anti-social but is the exact opposite. Very beautiful and one of a kind personality. Has fun just about all the time and can make you laugh when you least expect it. Enjoys playing Halo and can kick ass in Guitar Hero 3. Has amazing talents with her mouth and can do just about anything with it. Most spectacular/lovable person you could ever meet.
  • A quiet girl at times, and an amazing friend. She’s a really good dancer and an amazing artist. She’s sweet, caring, kind, and loving. She cares about everyone, and doesn’t let anyone stay down. She knows how to party, and is really fun to be around. She loves music! She’s a bit of a hopeless romantic, but it’s adorable. She doesn’t think she’s beautiful, but she really is.

“Angela” (the name my grandma calls me by):

  • Small, short catlike person. Very easy to tease, but there’s no reason to tease an Angela because they’re very sweet. You can trust an Angela. Often, Angelas need a hug. Give your Angela a hug today. 😀
  • wild, unstable beacon of pent up sexual aggression
  • A desired human being who often pwns noobs at various video games including Dance Dance Revolution. Angela’s also generally possess a large rear end. This rear end can be referred to as Laquisha. (O…kay??? 😉 )
  • The name Angela is given to people who are kind and sweet to others. She is very friendly and easy to get along with. Amazing personality. Sometimes sadness can get the best of her but to see her smile is like having the sun shine bright. But watch out – just because she is fun and nice doesn’t mean she can’t take care of herself; she will put you in your place fast. She has the most amazing dark wavy hair and mystery eyes. She can be hard to read at times, but don’t worry, she is very trustworthy. She is smart, hard working, and an all-around good person. She is also a friend to the four-legged furry creatures ♥. She is a friend to all… 🙂 (well, not quite…)
  • A beautiful, angelic goddess who is kind and fair to everyone.
  • Angela is a witty character – perhaps she can be a bit whimsical and unpredictable at times, but Angela is determined to find meaning to her life. Angelas seem like their heads are always in the clouds, but in all actuality, they pretend and they’re very grounded and down to earth. Strength, spirit, a bit of insanity, and love are what keep Angela going.

Those who know me sure recognize some hilarious parallels/ironies…but overall, it fits me with surprising accuracy. I wonder “what’s in a name”…

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.

William Shakespeare

What do you think?

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  1. June 17, 2010 5:01 pm

    what fun.beacon of pent up sexual aggression?hehe.might try this later.see what i come up with.hehe.

    good day or night or afternoon,wherever you are angie.have fun.


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