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Genetic Science Fiction

October 22, 2010

I tend to think a lot about potentially strange possibilities in life, just for the sake of enlightenment. Or so :D. Here’s one of many random ideas…don’t be offended!


How many genetically non-identical progenies can be produced from 2 people through synthetic recombination?


Hypothetically, each individual can produce 1, 2, 3 or 4 different gametes, as during gamete production…

…the maternal and paternal chromosome pairs become interwoven by homologous recombination, which often leads to crossovers of DNA from the maternal version of the chromosome to the paternal version and vice versa, …

…allowing meisosis to mix up A1 and A2 chromatids (red & white in the picture below) and double, triple or quadruple (or even halve or quarter, if both split at exactly 50%) combinational options until fertilization, depending on the percentage and splitting ratio of chromosomal crossover, see:


Chromosomal crossover


Mathematically, chromosomal crossover is most likely to produce 4 different gametes, creating a maximum of 8 different chromatids per individual, which offer a total of 8×8 = 64 unique combinational options during fertilization.

Plus, don’t forget the 2 clones. So it’s a devilish 66. 😛

Just in case anyone was wondering! Ha.

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