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Tree House Heaven

November 16, 2010

The minute someone comes up with a fully flushable tree toilet, I’ll be moving into my dream tree house. I don’t care if I’m 80 and can’t climb the ladder anymore, because guess what – the point is, *mewants* it! That’s right. You’re hopelessly stuck up there on your tree, grandma! HAHA! 😀
(I suppose I’d just peacefully float off towards Nirvana eventually…which actually sounds so much more worthwhile than being left to rot at some unfriendly, concrete-decorated, fundamentally inhumane nursing home for the elderly! And they say *I’m* crazy.)

So here are a few fabulous construction plans:

…aaand my absolute personal favorite by far (because it’s the most romantic, most dreamlike, most unrealistic thing in the world…yep, that’s clearly me…;)):

It’s a wonderful, most curious world, isn’t it.

Come float with me in tree house heaven! ♥ 🙂

(If after this you still don’t like tree houses, there is something very, very seriously wrong with you. Please, go see a doctor!)

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