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What’s the point of living if you just die?

November 21, 2010

One could just as easily ask, “what’s the point of eating a cupcake if you’re just going to finish it and then – no more cupcake?”

My answer – because cupcakes are tasty. All lives, human or otherwise, must sometime come to an end. But is that any reason to discredit all the beautiful possibilities life brings? Death is terrifying, yes. It is very difficult and troubling to imagine ourselves not existing. But, you exist now, right?

The point is, even if this life is all there is, it can still be a wonderful thing. It can be an even more wonderful thing if you can manage to accept it for what it is – which is very far from perfect, and comes with an expiration date. You can try to comfort yourself with ideas of an afterlife but doing so is really just creating the same problem that focusing on your eventual death is – it removes your awareness from living your life to the fullest, right now, at this moment. What is the point of living? I don’t know, but I think the first step in discovering the answer is to live a little.

“Wild Hope” by the lovely Mandy Moore

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