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Winter Ponderland

December 2, 2010

Why hello, snow! I’ve been missing you, my beautiful friend. Come bedazzle me, dance for me, take me away to your magical Narnian place!

I’m in a very passionate love/hate relationship with winter. Granted, it’s pretty…but it isn’t exactly *practical*, is it?
I mean:

  • Less light and energy,
  • terribly limited mobility,
  • fat clothing and ugly shoes.

What a nightmare! Ha.

The substantially frustrating part, however, is recognizing I’m completely dependent on modern civilization. I’m increasingly convinced I’d soon freeze or starve to death without my luxuriously heated, warm and fuzzy home, blissfully fed by the year-round gourmet food I’d never get to enjoy without today’s technology. We’re all unbelievably unaware of the most basic challenges in life – and probably frighteningly incapable of naked, raw survival, aren’t we?

This makes me feel uncomfortably out of touch with nature – and therefore painfully out of touch with what I believe must mean humanity, sense, and ultimately, genuine life.

– Yeah, that’s what happens to me when I catch myself silently staring out the window, right into the peaceful, alluring, deadly snow. Welcome to my *pretty* dangerous world! 😉

But don’t worry – no matter how deep those troubling thoughts in the dark after midnight, I’ll never cease to fall for all the wonderful earthly charms. Oh whee, let’s light a crackling fire! Let’s brew some hot tea and bake cinnamon bagels! Who’s sad? Not me. ♥ 😀

Welcome, winter ponderland.

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