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Anno Domini 2011

January 1, 2011

Sweet Baby Jesus, who would’ve thought? Time flies, it’s friggin’ 2011 already, we’re still here, and everything turned out to be so much less dramatic than we frantically expected 10 years ago…the good as well as the bad.

Oh fine then; another try:

Happy New Year – and let’s make *this one* count!

My 2011 resolutions are:

(order may vary)

  1. Get a nice new job and a nice new place;
  2. Make a record or write a book;
  3. Have lots of mind-blowing sex with the man I’ll love (this probably still sounds fairly vague but will make sense soon enough, I hope…yup, I’m pretty determined to nail down my future husband / the man who’ll take proper care of me. Errr, right – whatever. 😀 )

– If everything fails, I’ll get a new cat. (Darn right, this is very much a valid option, fuckheads people. Thanks for being such a maddening pain in the ass.)

Have a good one! Whatever you do…dare to go for the jump.


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