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More Human Self-Regulation, Please!

January 2, 2011

Natural selection.

It does not exist anymore in our civilized Western culture. – Not that I wish we’d go back to arbitrary vigilantism and gang banging with random strangers, God forbid! 😉 But the biological aspect of human survival is vastly undermined within modern welfare states, in my humble opinion. After all, genetic/behavioural self-regulation by means of natural selection is an evolutionarily crucial factor, right Darwinians? Survival of the fittest is how we even got here in the first place, people!

And as I previously stated in an earlier post about Idiocracy’s Relativity, intellectual performance is in fact highly variable, adjusting itself to input/output demands for better or worse, depending on the environment. So here it is, another controversial thesis of mine:

Social systems render human intelligence ever-evanescent.

(If they’re not carefully outlined.)

Before you blow up and send me a hit man, just look at this:

…someone please shoot me NOW. Where the hell did good old reasonable self-responsibility go??? Thanks for letting us become complete wussies, state of fools!

This is exactly the reason why I am a convinced liberal. The credo reads “Freedom where possible – control where needed”. It’s an important incentive for people to actually *think* once in a while…and, considering our impressive history of failed socialist governments, I firmly believe it will save humanity from itself. 😀

What say you, comrade?

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