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Moose On The Loose!

January 14, 2011

Number *2* on my New Year’s resolutions list:


As of today, I am no longer practically homeless / I’m not permanently crashing at my parents’ anymore I’ve got a pretty new apartment on my own (again, after some sort of, errr, interlude. 🙂 ) Only this time, I really mean it – taking no prisoners following [my dreams]*: I’m moving away from my hometown into my city of choice and inspirational prosperity, leaving family & friends behind. It’s a very drastic decision and required a lot of courage, but it was inevitable for reasons of personal development (as in, creating myself a fresh start in an essentially mixed-up environment was absolutely overdue…I feel like my end might have been near, were it not for this change. Yes.)

So here I am, wandering off all alone, hoping to soon find new life along the way:

I am a moose on the loose in so many ways…regularly lost, confused, and completely overwhelmed by things.

Think of me when you look up at the moose in the moon! I can see it, too (mind, I probably *am* it) – but only by night, ironically.

*[my dreams]: yet to be determined. 😉 Oh, to bear the burden of genius!

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