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Why Hello, World!

February 20, 2011

Good morning, everyone! How is life?

Mine is exceptionally, fireworkin’-shooting-ly, incredibly unbe-freakin’-lievably outstanding.
(To be quite humble.)

I’m just starting to realize how fucking brilliant I (and my rigorously selected entourage) can be. I’m tasting the first samples of my wide-open future, and BOY, does it feel good. I’m a smart pretty genius with a beautiful soul who’s about to embrace its destiny and release it into the world. My power switch went ON, the energy is beginning to flow, I’m well on my way – exceedingly excellent prospects!
(Please rest assured that I’m ridiculously content with that overwhelming amount of positive self-awareness…the FORCE is with me! Ha.)

This is it! This is the life. It’s here. It’s now. It’s my time.

And if you make it so, it can also be your time. Maybe even *our* time.

Absolutely and completely.


P.S.: I’m not on drugs. I actually mean it. Consider me your inspiration! 😀 (- aaand it’s not even narcissism…just the truth. Modesty ain’t makin’ any difference. Sorry! 😉 )

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