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NYC Rooftop Heaven

May 29, 2011

I found it:

Neverland begins where the rooftops end!

(And preferably in Manhattan, NYC 😉 )


A fairly innovative mobile living concept for the nomads of contemporary non-commitmental society; the LoftCube (followed by the Fincube) of German designer Werner Aisslinger, which can be flown in by helicopter:

With the option of adding photovoltaics and installing rainwater conditioning, these cubes have the potential of forming a self-sustainable unit, independent of civilizational infrastructure and environmental circumstances, anywhere on the planet.

The taste of freedom to it is pretty rad, ain’t it?! 🙂


Hi there, cutie! – Can you spot it?


An ocean front beach house, taken by the wind and accidentally dropped into the midst of the city:


Why hello, Colorado cottage:


…aaand my favorite, of course:

A 3-story dream made of glass. LOVE!!! 😀

8 Amazing Hidden Rooftop Houses in NYC

However; just to maintain the balance, I suppose I’d need the wild counterpart as well:

(Preferably around Vancouver BC, or somewhere similar in the Pacific Northwest.)


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