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Exorbitant Guitar Bliss

August 26, 2011


Dis my brand new babyyy!!!

An effing PRS JA-15 (Signature model by Paul Jackson, Jr.)!!!

The result of a collaboration between Paul Reed Smith and Paul Jackson, Jr., the JA-15 was originally designed with Jazz musicians in mind. But with several new innovations, it’s no surprise rockers are loving it too. Highlights include a “pattern” neck shape, 53/10 pickups, a 2-piece adjustable bridge, and “V12” finish…all newly offered as standard appointments for the first wave of 2011 products.

The warmth of the spruce top paired with the high-end clarity of the figured maple back creates a resonance in this guitar that is balanced with tonal clarity, and the simple control layout makes the JA-15 a joy to play.

It is an amazing, warm and soulful piece of art. And it is worth about the sum of my yearly Swiss taxes. 😉

– Alright, you may shoot me now…I don’t care anymore as I’ll be off to sweet sweet music-makin’! 🙂

(P.S.: No, I really wouldn’t call myself a proper jazzer. I do a mad lot of jazz, evidently also for improv techniques, but what I actually produce myself is something rather entirely else, as I hopefully will be able to show you soon. It’ll be mostly guitar/piano with a side of cello, which are the instruments I’ve been playing for 5-10-25 years. I absolutely can’t wait for that moment to share; I’m pretty much BURSTING on the inside already; I’m here, and I’m ALIVE, y’all! 😀 )

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  1. September 20, 2011 9:08 pm

    Holy hell is that thing sexy.


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