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A lovely bubbly sparkly 2012

December 31, 2011

I realize this is ridiculous beyond words, and I am incredibly embarrassed to dare say so in the first place, but I actually sort of [I suspect I may be slowly starting to sympathize with my alarmingly thriving career] *like* and [no doubt the result of extensive brainwashing mission-possibles during my normatively “highly successful” first year] even partially *identify* with my employer’s corny-ass new year video:

Ooohhh wheee, I can’t wait to set this world on fire!! Feels like there must be one hell of a year in the making! 😀

(Now if I still had the slightest bit of credibility left at this point, I’d even add “no endorsement intended” – but fine, whatever, shame on me anyway…;))

Most of my very warm flutters, however, are stirring less from generic corporate entities, but from amazingly real, personal achievements. I am so grateful and almost can’t believe to find myself in such an extraordinary human state of being.

Thank you for the crazy ride, 2011 – you sparked off a new mind-blowing era for me…

Here we go. Let’s have the bestest of 2012s, sweetiepies! Make it count!! ♥

(Granted, that shit just sounded like Barbie talking. Please, someone save me from myself before it’s too [WHOOPSIE DAISY!] – laaate… :O)

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