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Going for the Flow of Change

June 26, 2012

Once again, I cannot emphasize insistently enough the importance of realizing that there are no absolute standards, but we live in an absolutely relative world. 😉

This mindset is so relevant because its resulting self-concept will either wing you or cripple you throughout your life.

At work, I am currently witnessing an extensive tragedy of Generation X and Baby Boomer team colleagues being exploited by the corporate hamster wheel, but finding themselves largely unable to stand up for their own personal needs, ethical principles and human dignity – all because…they deeply believe in the system’s victims’ helpless subordination and constitutional powerlessness.

It probably has a lot to do with our generational imprint.
(→ read Millennials at work: Generation Y to reshape Generations A-X)

That’s why I’m trying to coach them to think like a millennial and leverage their potential:

  • We exist in relation to one another.
  • People who claim that people can’t change clearly must never change themselves, so why should they expect others to change in relation to them? If they changed, maybe they would see that everyone changes along with them.
  • When we change, we redefine the relationship, and force everyone else to change in relation to the new us.
  • People do change, but not unless they have to. If you want someone to change how they interact with you, then you need to change how you interact with them first. 

    → Be the change you want to see.

…actually – you need to do this proactively. As a self-managing life strategy that will naturally evolve and promote you.

Change should be a friend. It should happen by plan, not by accident.

Philip Crosby

It works very well for me! 🙂


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