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Work-life balance? Wrong concept!

December 4, 2012

Sorry to generalize while preaching not to blindly generalize, but this is my personal opinion resulting from experience, eyes wide open:

95% of our sick society’s so-called shrinks, career counsellors, mental health coaches etc. are IDIOTS.

No wait, let me rephrase:

95% of human population are idiots.
(So the professional guild of psychologically challenged people treaters is no unfortunate exception, unfortunately. ;))

wlbalance1Along my winding path through the jungles of education, employment and all around adult economical activity, everyone keeps telling me to improve my “work-life balance”.
Granted, I’m still far from managing myself perfectly…but I’m aware of it, and I’m slowly but surely on my way. Just relax and take your time, dear me…let yourself handle it and learn from it. 🙂

And seriously – whaddaya actually sayin’, shrinks?!

There should be no such thing as “work-life balance”.

If you do the right thing and actually *like* your work, then that fulfilling occupation becomes a vital part of your life which you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


The idea of “work” seems to be gravely ill-defined to begin with.

Work is…good!
Your work should be your life’s calling, your very own mission to develop your destiny, the driving force pulling you out of bed every day, the motivation streaming down from your highest, most central outlook on this existence, the deep satisfaction arising from doing what you’re meant to do.

You don’t “work”…

  • if your job sucks,
  • if you’re surrounded by ignorant assholes, and/or
  • if you’d rather be quantitatively stressed to death and/or qualitatively bored out of your mind, vegetating in mere narrow survival before finally hitting your luxurious body-fitting HD TV armchair in preparation for your grave (the most expensive, exclusively decorated status symbol within 500m2…demonstrating another successful termination of humanity)

– no, you don’t “work” right at all, if you’d rather take the easy way out than lifting your spineless, repressing, self-betraying coward ass from your comfort zone and asking yourself: WTF?!

What the f*ck are you doing, almost-everyone?! 😉

  • If you need a “work-life balance” because your work apparently isn’t part of your true life, it’s clearly time to recognize a need for action!
  • If you’re “bearing” work from Monday to Friday in order to “live” Saturday through Sunday, you got a downright perverse perspective!
  • If you’re enduring a destructive environment which neither acknowledges your efforts and skills nor supports your growth and goals in an agreeable manner, go home now!

This has nothing to do with any performance standards of any “sophisticated” civilization.

This is simply and nakedly about every human individual being born as a dignified entity obviously deserving to live up to its potential and match what we feel on the inside with what we say and do on the outside.
Not because we’re privileged or brilliant or lucky – just because we can…because we’re able to perceive that full range of nature…because we’re not robots manufactured to serve some non-existing “system”, but people made to create, share and exchange value appreciated by ourselves, the people.

This makes sense, this facilitates happiness, this is real life.

Including work. Which you love. 😀

Anything else is ethically fundamentally intolerable and must be tackled ASAP.

Agreed? Ha, I knew it! 😛

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