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Black holes sucking

February 4, 2013

Something’s moving inside of me.
I know its awakening feeling all too well. Better than *it* itself. The beast.
The beast that won’t let me sleep, won’t let me rest, won’t let me find a single corner of peace.

The taste of opportunity. Resilience, but greed. Hunger and destruction.
I smell blood.

I remember the times when I was alone. Living, breathing, wandering along these streets without suspicion. Free from hidden second, third, fourth dimensions behind every face, facade, veneer in space.

They came here for me, they’ve been waiting for me, they want me now and won’t leave without marking their touch.

Strong I am.
Sovereign and independent.
Curious, peculiar, and often proud of it.

But I’m also intrigued. I answer to the unresolved questions in the dark – whereas in daylight, no one’s curious, no one’s proud…of the shadows preying on my mind.

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