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I need you to not need me. (I want you to want me.)

April 3, 2013

Desire is attractive.

Desire implies you’re privileged – you’re in the luxurious position of being societally, economically, personally-emotionally independent and able to choose or not choose anything that may or may not be nice to have (but certainly no must-have).

There’s no power play to the situation. We’re above such primitive evolutionary circumstances here. Sophisticated, and totally cool about it.

Desire is sexy.

Need – not so much.

Being needy means you are not only relatively immature (a.k.a. personally-emotionally behind your time, unable to fully handle your outer rational status), but also, to a socially significant degree, a loser – you’re in a pitiful situation of weakness which could only have been caused by a constellation of major failure in your past, be it misusing relationships or simply poor personal “success” at whatever you’re here for in life on your own, generally. So now you’re basically gold-digging to compensate for your mere survival, on a rather unromantic low-life level.

Need is pathetic.

Have you seen Love Actually? Then you’ll remember the key scene between Mia and Harry about Christmas presents:


“So, what do you need? Are you short of staplers?”

And Mia says:

“No. I don’t want something I need. I want something I *want*. Something pretty.”

– and off we go, heading deeper into disaster…

Yeah. I’m totally with Mia. 😀

So here’s my message for y’all, dear interested readers ;):

If you want anything from me, you can’t need me.

My potential friendship and/or even love is not to be used, emotionally misused, instrumentalized on any part, neither yours nor mine (I’m also working on that alright, gotcha).

So let’s see what it’s really gonna be (now that we inconveniently find ourselves being responsible adults), shall we!

You know we’re worth it.

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