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Q: How do you know if you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner?

April 5, 2013


I certainly don’t. A question like that can’t even exist within my paradigm in the first place.

What I do know very much, though, is:

I realize that committing to “spending the rest of your life” with “the person you love” doesn’t mean spending the rest of your life with this person (as they are at the time) at all.
(As *I* most certainly do not intend to remain the same person throughout *my* life, for Christ’s sake! What a nightmare. I barely make it through one day! ;))

  • We are constantly evolving as people – so what we commit to doing on a regular basis is sharing experiences, continually exploring and growing with each other:
    We commit to always being willing to work with ourselves to find a solution, and not to run away.
  • It doesn’t mean we’re not human:
    Humans can be weak, stupid, naive, make mistakes and break up. Dammit, it seems rather pathetically normal.
    (Perfection holds no place within our nature…I don’t even know how we came to think of it in the first place, and why we call it perfection? What are you talking about – nature is perfect in its imperfection! Gloriously normal drama we shall have, then. :P)
  • It’s *just* about being a responsible adult with enough rational and emotional capacity to be able to deal with any of these things in a dignified manner, instead of suppressing life’s lemons and faking Disneyland into everyone’s spiritual derangement.
    (Kudos to myself for dropping another pretentiously momentous wisdom here. Ha, I’m so much better than everyone else, including myself! ;))

Well – I like sweet lemonade…and I fully intend to produce a respectable amount of it, for you & me to share on my balcony. 😛

That, dear society, is the most honest and only version of love I can say YES to.

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