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May 31, 2013

In a bi-annual double cycle, usually…

  • at sunset on around May 28/29/30/31 and July 11/12/13 (circling the summer solstice)

…as well as…

  • at sunrise on around December 5 and January 8 (circling the winter solstice)

…the blissfully deceased city planning engineers of early Manhattan get their rewards for being obvious geniuses by pragmatically having set up an East-West street grid:

I guess we might be saving a teeny weeny bit of electricity?! 😀

The admirable Neil deGrasse Tyson named this phenomenon “Manhattanhenge“:










The annoying thing is – I’ve been staying in NYC many times, and not just once but actually *twice* during Manhattanhenge…yet still my unsuspecting ignorance made me miss it!

(Then again, I also missed the even-more-annoying expert photographer crowds…in which case…we’re gladly even!)

P.S.: I’m sorry for violating various copyrights again; but again, people couldn’t care less about systematically referencing their stuff – this whole internet thing’s such an unmanageable data dump, I frankly don’t really see the point anymore…so yeah, cry me a river. Let me know in case you feel offended by whatever you feel is offensive to ya, K? Thx! 😉

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