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What gives me the courage to implement a recognized truth in life?

June 5, 2014

Many people experience, from time to time, moments in which they not only believe in a profound truth, but have actually seen, felt and recognized it. And yet there still remains a common internal inhibition to realize such a truth in life, embracing all its challenging consequences.

I recently quit my job and launched my own version of success.

So a lot of people ask:

“What gives me the courage to implement my recognized truth in life?”

Well – the courage comes from the truth itself. Your courage comes from the authentic experience of your truth. If you trust yourself and build on that truth, you witness thousands of strategic musings and paralyzing worries tumbling down into existential irrelevance. At first, this feels terrifying – irresponsible, reckless, even straight-out stupid. But then you realize that the truth will carry you. Truth perceived in your heart exudes a force so strong it cannot be prevailed by any of our societally established artificial incentives. Authenticity will take you anywhere, and further.

…therefore, let’s be courageous! Let’s live life according to our own (human, not robot 😉 ) systems! 😀

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